DLF Partner Relex Solutions: The future of consumer goods supply chain planning

Foto: Relex Solutions

Consumer goods companies are facing challenges due to inflation and changing consumer preferences, which are affecting profit margins and driving a shift towards more cost-effective options.
To tackle these challenges, companies are adopting data-driven approaches to supply chain management, focusing on optimization across production, inventory, and distribution.

Solutions being sought after emphasizing adaptive planning to align with market fluctuations. One such solution involves:

  • mapping the entire supply chain
  • defining business rules
  • identifying variable costs
  • generating accurate demand forecasts
  • utilizing mathematical modeling for optimization
  • balancing supply and demand effectively.

The recent acquisition of Optimity by RELEX enhances the company’s capabilities by integrating downstream demand planning with upstream supply planning, facilitating accurate demand prediction, optimized production planning, and agile response to market changes.

In summary, consumer goods companies are addressing challenges through data-driven supply chain management solutions like those offered by RELEX, enabling agility and efficiency in a dynamic market landscape.

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Jochem Landegren

Account Executive, CPG Sales