AIM Supply Chain Webinar: Supply chain innovation in disruptive times

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Having had to postpone our initial webinar appointment of 7 October, AIM is pleased to now invite member companies to the re-scheduled event on supply chain innovation in disruptive times on

28 October from 15:00 – 16:00 hrs CET, featuring Chief Trend Watcher Martijn Lofvers of Supply Chain Media. Register here.

In the past year, companies have realized the urgent need to innovate their supply chains to harness the power of digital, drive decarbonisation, navigate the opportunities of globalisation, and be more crisis-resilient. The current «supply chain crunch» experienced by many worldwide in terms of material shortage, worker & driver scarcity and overall transport disruptions (not to mention the UK) is a clear manifestation that our supply chains need adapting.  But how should our industry go about this transformation?

Supply Chain Media has developed a Trend Compass that helps companies to imagine the future based on:

  • Understanding the impact of megatrends such as globalization, digitalization, sustainability and the current pandemic.
  • Identifying the innovation drivers, such as cost, sustainability, convenience and personalization. The relevance of each innovation driver depends on the business strategy: product leadership, operational excellence or customer intimacy.
  • Determining which innovation can make a real contribution to the business strategy.

«Nowadays we have access to lots of new technologies, from machine learning to Blockchain. The big question is, how should we use these innovations? When do they contribute to success, and when don’t they? For example, Blockchain can be used successfully in tracking and tracing high-value products, whilst  machine learning is being used successfully in transport planning and avoiding empty trucks.» – Martijn Lofvers.

Research shows that knowledge management is key to supply chain innovation, as well as for new talent onboarding and retention. There is a wealth of knowledge available in the supply chain media space which supply chain professionals are trying to navigate to educate themselves and their teams to stay on top of developments

Supply Chain Media has brought together all relevant content in a knowledge bank called SCM WisDome. «Knowledge will become ever-more important in the future. Computers can translate data into information and uncover correlations in the data, creating insight. But what computers can’t do is explain why those correlations exist. That calls for wisdom, and that’s where humans come in» says Lofvers.

Please join us by registering via this link.

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